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We are not currently open to the public and operate as an aquatic maintenance service.


Operating hours for aquarium and pond services are Monday to Friday, please call or email if you require an appointment.



Coral Creations is an aquatics company specialising in the promotion of ethically sourced corals, critters and other invertebrates. Whether, this is in the form of corals propagated from our in-house systems or corals originated from reclaimed sea-beds from around the world; our goal is to provide a great service to our customers and in the process help keep reef keeping sustainable.


Passion drives us forward to improve our methods and techniques that translates back down to our customers and livestock. We understand that reef keeping is an ever-changing environment, therefore, we pride ourselves in researching and progressing our company to keep up with the latest trends around the world. We believe that reef keeping isn’t just about the livestock, it’s about the basics of the system. Imagine reef keeping as an underwater garden and in some respects similar to our common outside garden; like gardeners, aquarists have to consider nutrient level, sunlight, placement, different organisms, interaction from other species to maintain a healthy environment to hopefully flourish, grow and reproduce their aquarium inhabitants.


Coral Creations offers a variety of different aquarium products that will help you establish your aquarium for long-term success, we also understand that before livestock is added to any system basic principals have to achieved to create an optimal environment for success.  We recommend using quality products that help you create a healthy stable aquaria; whether, this is a test kit for monitoring water parameters or a food to promote vigour and developmental growth.


. The team behind Coral Creations brings a variety of different skills to the company, but the one thing we all have in common is the passion for animal welfare.


1st Visit today

Good layout and many well priced frags, My Wreck fish and Frags settled in well worth a visit i'll be back


Top notch service with amazing livestock

The title said it all. You guys clearly know how to look after your stock and customers alike. Great communication, specifically for you not just an automated service, which is great. Stock arrived perfectly packaged at the time said and was exactly what was expected.....my new online livestock shop :)

Liam Salmons

Great service, even better corals!!

I recently had some corals delivered from coral creations. Their packaging and overnight courier service is literally bulletproof, and such a fast turn around time. My box contained some great sps with great colour to them, a stunning chalice and the brightest zoanthids I've seen in a long time. All arrived in perfect health and was packed with long life heat packs and foam for protection. I am very happy with my new stock. Thanks Marc, you've given me hope again with mail ordering corals. And I can see you truly care for the livestock you sell. I will be back many times guaranteed!!


Best coral selection in westmid lands

Amazing collection of zoa, sps, lps. Marc's knowledge and advise was spot on and helped me with some zoas of my own. He let me visit his collection and I felt like a kid in a candy shop! Well worth visiting if you get a chance! I will be going back after Xmas that's for sure!

Jamie O

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Coral Propagation

Propagation of corals has similarities to the gardening hobby, both methods help to sustain an environment that flourishes the natural world around it; Miguel Tolosa, quote from the book Practical Coral Farming sums it up well. ‘Farming Corals is a labour of love.’ Most of us would agree it is, the love for ocean species drives the marine hobby forward and hopefully not profit or gain.

True propagation farming is about sustaining what’s already there, preserving the natural reefs in the wild by cultivating in-house coral species that have adapted to aquarium conditions and conserving the mother colony for the future.

Our aim isn’t to provide a service that supplies mother colonies that have been chopped into tiny pieces for monetary value that results in frags loosing colouration, health and are less likely to develop in an aquarium surrounding.

Coral Creations wants to promote ethical propagation as an alternative, buying cultured when possible helps the reduction on the demand on the ocean reefs.

Eco Friendly

‘Save a reef, buy a frag’ should be the words on every reef keeper’s tongue, whether this is in the form of buying mariculture or cultured corals.

Mariculture corals use the method of reclaiming damaged reefs, to propagate farmed coral species without impacting on wild populations.

Mariculture farming provides jobs in local industry and helps reduce the need for unsound fishing and farming techniques on reefs.

In-house cultured propagation decreases the impact on global transit demands in the ornamental marine trade, providing a service that delivers a fragment of a coral that has adapted to a fabricated ocean environment; that is more likely to flourish long term, while maintaining the mother colony.