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Unlike what happens in a closed system, in natural waters corals benefit from the presence of Zooxantaellae and plankton (either bacterial plankton, micro plankton, or "large" plankton) that offers them the nourishment to live and grow. Some “modern” reef keeping systems intentionally reduce the presence of organic nourishment and impair the activity/presence of Zooxantaellae thus taking the life of corals to a delicate and precarious equilibrium.

We have first discover, after several tests, that in closed systems some species of corals (mainly SPS) really significantly benefit (better colors) from a reduced addition of organic additives but this MUST be compensated by a “selective addition” of high quality nourishment. Based on these innovative researches, in 1997, we have introduced to the market a “TRIS” of products to feed our corals as well as the first aminoacid additive: Elos OMEGA.
Still the best aminoacid additive available to the aquarium market, its unique formula, in combination with the use of ELOS svC and ELOS ProSkimmer substitutes the function of Zoo-plankton in closed system. Once supplying Elos OMEGA your corals will significantly reduce their need of live food and this will significantly reduce the level of dissolved organics and also nitrogenous waste as a by- product of protein metabolism.
Dosage: 3 to 6 drops per 50 lt (13 gal) daily. Adapt quantity to the population of your aquarium.
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Features & Benefits

Benefit: Ideal for SPS aquarium

Feature: Original formula: the first amino acid integrator available on the aquarium market

Feature: Superior nutritional profiles: excellent amino acid profile

Benefit: Does not contains phosphate based preservative



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