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Kamoer Aquarium Dosing Pumps Key Features:

  • Exceptionally reliable.
  • Unmatched flexibility in programming.
  • Expandable up to 15 channels.

Hardware  details:

  • Blue light LCD display 6.5cm X 1.7cm
  • Battery back up - Clock and the user setting saved if power lost.
  • Only one AC/DC power adapter - Master unit can power & control up to 3  4 channel “slave” units.
  • Uses high quality PharMed® Tubing in pump head.
  • Long motor life.
  • Spare parts readily available.

Software details:

  • 3 operation modes (Manual, Auto, or Custom mode).
  • Greatest flexibility – just set dosing start and stop time (does not have to be 24 hours, for example, user can set to auto dose from midnight to 6am only), total number of millilitres to be dosed over the time period, the number of times to dose each time period and the doser does the rest. User can even choose dosing every X number of days (up to 31) or even certain days per week.
  • Adjustable dosing time - Auto mode: specific times per day(1-24 times), Custom mode: exact time you require (1 -10 times per 24 hours).
  • Adjustable dosing volume (Auto mode: 1-2999ml, Custom mode: 1-9999ml).
  • Delay setting between channels prevents chemical interference.
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Features & Benefits

Feature: Exceptionally reliable.

Feature: Battery back up - Clock and the user setting saved if power lost.

Benefit: Flow rate setting of 0 – 130mls/min in 0.5ml increments

Benefit: Suitable for continuous operation



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