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The aquarium is located in a soft play centre, it’s a freshwater system and is home to lots of different cichlids and catfish. The aquarium was custom built by an acrylic manufacturer that specialise in public aquarium; it is made of acrylic and holds 9000 litres in the main aquarium and stands two stories high.

The aquarium has a dedicated pump room, where the filters, UV sterilisers and the inline heater are located. The system is filtered by a trickle tower and sand filter which is then fed back into the aquarium.

We service this aquarium once a week to maintain the crystal clear water, we do this with water changes and keeping on top of regular maintenance of the filter system. The viewing panel is cleaned by a large algae magnet that is designed for thick acrylic.

An auto feeder is positioned above the aquarium, to provides an algae based food diet which is fed frequently though out the day, by creating a feeding schedule in this way helps the fish keep them at their ideal body weight and show their natural colouration.