Coral Creations is an aquarium maintenance company that enables our clients to design an aquarium to their exact specifications.

Our designs of an underwater scene can be translated into whatever you may have in mind, a unique freshwater planted aquarium, a stunning reef aquarium that mergers the elements of the sea or maybe a beautiful pond that blends you garden’s natural environment with the pleasure of keeping fish, or creating a wildlife pond to encouage birds, insects and hedgehogs.

Designing an aquarium is individual, whether this is within a corporate, retail or residential environment; we understand that a design has to suit the location where it is situated.


Designing a system in a commercial, retail or leisure environment has to identify with the company branding; colours, materials and stylisation. Designing in this way can translate it in something that blends and benefits the atmosphere of the company. Understanding these factors can make a system transform from something that is acceptable to an aquarium that fits seamless into it's surroundings.


Designing in a residential location has to incorporate the client’s personal taste, whether this is dependant on the overall look of a system or the livestock they choose to keep inside. We understand that there has to be a personal connection to the system as we see our fish as pets. By understanding these dynamics we are able to provide a design that suits the client and their fish.




From concept to design then installation and finally after care services, our company aims to provide a service that embodies our passion for animal welfare while creating a bespoke design.

Our team has the understanding of working with architects, interior designers and collaborating with contractors to deliver a product and a service that can falls within timelines and budgetary requirements.



Planning is the key before starting any installation work in a client’s resident or work place, most of us want minimal disturb to upset our daily routines; or companies just don’t have the facilities to manage aquarium works within retail or office hours.


We plan everything in advance with the client, a detailed works is presented that indicates times frames and stages of completion. Working with a client in this way, helps communication between us, the client and or any exterior contractors.




Our maintenance team can provide you with a tailor made service, catering from a one off visit to weekly or monthly maintenance. Whether, your struggling to understand the basics of your system and just need one to one advice, or a service that lets you take a back seat and just enjoy your aquarium or pond. We offer a maintenance service that suits your requirements.

Maintenance services include the following but not limited to, for freshwater, marine aquariums and ponds :

Cleaning, water changing and servicing equipment, including pond and aquariums. Aquarium strip out and re-setup.  Aquarium holiday cover. Water testing. Tank and livestock relocation. Installing aquatic equipment, including pipework. Pond clean outs and aquatic plant pruning and planting. Call out emergency services.

Fully insured working within domestic and commercial premises.

We're currently looking after aquariums in a variety of locations including, offices, soft play centres, schools, restaurants and hair salons.



Maintenance is just as important as designing and installing an aquarium or pond, we pride ourselves in having a level of competence that maintains a level of care that doesn’t fluctuate over time.

Routine and recording is the key to a successful system long time, whether this is tracking water parameters over time to understand the limitation of an aquarium or pond, or advising on feeding and supplementing strategies, every factor has to be considered to maintain long term health and development.




We understand that being responsible for a system doesn’t stop when we are not there, by letting our clients understand that we can assist, advice and plan for the future of an aquarium or pond can benefit long term. This could be advising on seasonal pond care for winter and summer, or maybe giving recommendation for introducing livestock in an aquarium.