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We have designed, installed and maintain this aquarium.

Our brief was to create a reef set up, to be home to a variety of different fish, corals and invertebrates. Our client requested a hands off approached so we automate the system as much as possible.

Personal highlights include a Blue Throat Trigger, Purple Tang, Regal Tang and a pair of Snowflake Clownfish. The corals are a mixture of LPS and soft corals, to give a good mixture colours, textures and polyp extension.

Our client requested optic-white glass for the aquarium, creating a better perspective for viewing. It has been designed with no glass braces to give a clear un-interrupted view when looking from above. We have designed the aquarium to sit on an aluminium stand, which results in a neater finish for the cladding the surround.

The aquarium lighting is powered by AI Hydra LEDS, these reproduce an optimal spectrum for coral growth and colouration. The lighting can be controlled remotely via wifi and has the added benefit of creating custom programmes.

We designed the aquarium with an automated doser, for accurate administration of trace elements and additives. We have added an algae refugium to the sump to combat nitrates and phosphates. The algae bed is an ideal breeding ground for copepods, which provides a natural feeding source for fish and corals.

A Clarisea roller mat has been installed to give an extra element of filtration, it pulls out detritus in the water column resulting in better water clarification.